Holy Medicine
link  Lee dosa   2021-07-07
"Holy Medicine" Finally Published in English

First published in 1986, selling more than 0.8 million copies only in Korea, "Holy Medicine" is finally available in English!

This book is composed of four parts: 1) Natural Healing Therapy, 2) Holy Medicine, 3) Holy Prescription, 4) Bamboo Salt Therapy.

Dr. Insan Ilhun Kim (1909~1992) is the one who developed 9 times baked bamboo salt, K-LAVA SALT, for the first time in the world. He would see about 150 serious patients each day, and saved numerous lives free of charge.

Transcribing everything said by Dr. Insan, his son Yoonse Kim has disclosed the entirety of cures for diseases in this age of pollutions. Many have been benefiting from the wisdom of this book.

There are two different cover designs you can choose from: light gold and pantone green.
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